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There's a storm a coming

A legal storm of legislation and lawsuits for inaccessible digital products. It’s already mandatory for public sector services. It’s only a matter of time before it affects the private sector too.

But making your products accessible shouldn’t just be about not getting sued. One in five people has a disability that could impede them from using a product that doesn’t include their needs. In terms of potential customers, that’s huge.

Furthermore, anyone can be temporarily disabled. Either by their environment or circumstance, such as a bright day or only being able to use one hand whilst holding a baby.

Making your product accessible is relatively inaccessible. What’s important? What’s a distraction? What do you really need to do to make your product inclusive? Most importantly, how can you convince everyone else that it’s important?

Learning about braille devices

I’m Dave Cunningham. I’ve spent the past 20 years bringing attention to accessibility, in large organisations (like the BBC and Co-op) and smaller agency projects. Getting people to care about accessibility is tough, really tough. You start to hear the same things: “The market is too niche to worry about accessibility!” “We have bigger fish to fry” “Isn’t accessibility just for blind people?”

That’s why I started One in Five. To help small product teams like yours take the first steps to make accessible products. And changing the culture of your team to become passionate about designing products for everyone.

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