Website accessibility testing with real people

  • Discover the main barriers on your website
  • Clear actionable results within 48 hours
  • Access to a diverse community of people
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3 problems we solve

1. Skills shortage

Imagine having a dedicated team of people with disabilities. Ready to try out your product.

One in Five helps with:

  • Removing able body bias
  • Prioritising the biggest issues
  • Testing on all types of assistive tech

2. Time saver

Organising testing sessions can take days. finding slots in diaries, getting consent, why do we do it to ourselves?

One in Five helps with:

  • Removing the recruitment process
  • Finding issues early
  • Ensuring inclusive research is part of the process

3. Loss of business

Imagine being able to increase your potential audience by up to 20%.

One in Five helps with:

  • Protecting your brand reputation
  • Being compliant with global standards
  • Removing barriers to conversions

How One in Five works

Enter the steps of the journey

Pick a journey you would like to test. This could be buying a loaf of bread starting from searching, adding to the basket and then checkout.

Pick the People

Choose people that use all types of assistive tech. Such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice assistant and more.

Our community test

People who use the tech everyday will test your journey. Using their knowledge and expertise.

Results back in 48 hours

A report of the key accessibility issues, prioritised and ready for your team to action.

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